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Just like other fields, when dealing with a roofing contractor there are few thing to consider. It can be a small leak, or a roof that got detached from the house. It is better to know what you are about to pay for, and hire the best contractors for the job. Irvine Roof Repair will consider all eventualities and still beat all competitors.

Knowing the right roofing contractor to hire for your home or for your business can be a challenging and confusing task, that can affect your life in many aspects. You do not want to find in the next rain that he did not do a good job.

In this article you will find helpful tips to assist you in choosing the right roofing contractor and getting the best service for your money. Keep in mind that the information provided here can never replace the opinion of a qualified roofer who know roofs in Irvine, who come to your place and who inspected the roof from close.

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Letting a contractor who isn’t licenses and insured performed a project for you is a mistake to avoid at any cost. Make sure that the roofing contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Fixing a roof or installing solar energy in Irvine is not something that your local handyman should be dealing with.

You need someone who knows roofs and solar in Irvine, who has the correct tools for the task. And who has the ability to deal with all types of situations.

Go local!

There are many great roof contractors in Irvine, California. Some might live next-door, and some might live in another county. It is better to hire a local contractor in case something will go wrong, or in case you will need him after the project is completed.

Also, as a local contractor, he will probably have a deeper understanding about the different roof layouts in the area, and the best and most efficient ways to handle your roof project in Irvine.

Check online, do your research!

In the past, if you needed someone to fix your roof, you would probably ask a friend or a neighbor. And sometime anyone who would knock on your door and offer repair services could be a potential contractor. Today things are different.

Today everyone has the option to do some research on-line and read reviews about roofing and solar. You will be amazed to learn how many contractors around Irvine that haven't completed projects.

The review sites (Such as Yelp, Google Etc.) is a great tool when it comes to reviews and learning about a roof and solar contractors; since the affect that on-line reviews written by past clients have, can affect the way a contractor quote, can affect his customer's service, and can make him think twice before mistreating a customer. We at Irvine Roof Repair, believe that it is just a matter of time before the testimonials will have a powerful effect on the amount of projects a company take.

Our experienced roofing specialist take into consideration what you are looking for in your new roof and make sure the project will meet all of your needs.

Why hire us?


In the over 20 years of being in business, we’ve finished over 8,000 construction projects for customers throughout Irvine. We are not experimenting with your roof. Irvine Roof Repair has the process and execution of your roofing or solar project down to a art. Our abundant capability simply translates into a easier, more reasonable and more pleasurable construction project.

Customer Service

We offer professionalism and expert execution of your construction plan. Members of our team are great communicators so you know exactly what is going on, what you will get, and when things will be finished. All of our employees appreciate that we are working in your home, not our workplace and we handle ourselves professionally in all construction settings. You will only see kindness, politeness, professionalism and teamwork while we are in your home.


We work hard to keep your project as affordable as possible deprived of cutting corners that will cost you more in the long run.


Our implementation process helps us minimize the impact on your life by getting the job done without the common problems that plague other roofing contractors.

Roof Repair Services

Not everybody needs a new roof. Irvine Roof Repair has an extensive background in roof systems installation and solar energy. This construction knowledge allows for a complete understanding of not only the roofing and waterproofing installation, but also the wide variety of systems incidental to the roof.

With this experience, we are able to perform highly competent and accurate repairs and offer written warranties against the same problem reoccurring. This valuable repair service allows the consumer to spend their money wisely by purchasing a warranted repair while being assured they have a local long time professional contractor to call upon should a problem persist.

Outstanding Service

Irvine Roof Repair is also pleased to offer a full suite of roof construction services for homeowners in the Irvine area. You can count on Irvine Roof Repair for outstanding service and only the best products to make it a reality.

To learn more about Irvine Roof Repair, our roof services, please give us a call at 949-214-4199.

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